Jan Tanner

jantanner1This is Jan Tanner, Paul’s other half. Paul was the tall trombonist with slick dark hair in the original Glenn Miller band. Dr. Tanner taught music at UCLA, played Theramin on “Good Vibrations,” played first trombone in the ABC orchestra. Jan had a bit of a legacy, too. As a young woman with dark hair, she resembled Ava Gardner. Legend has it that Frank Sinatra walked onstage in a supper club and, spotting Jan sitting ringside, proceeded to sing the set to her. (Paul told me that. He also said one night the orchestra guys got the call around 3am to come to the studio. Playing through tunes, they finally figured out that Sinatra was in the booth serenading Ava.) Jan took great care of Paul. She was a tough cookie and a good manager. My Jan stories: 1–

When I didn’t know her all that well, I was telling her I didn’t have time to make my first album, laying out my hard life of touring and road management and vocal group leadership and…She interrupted to say, “Just get off your butt and do it.” (I fell in love.) She made sure to get me a Paul Tanner quote for each of my projects and gave me lots of sweet praise herself. 2–I was parading a new gig dress, receiving compliments. She pulled me aside and said, “That’s a really nice dress and everything, but you have beautiful skin and need to show it.” 3–Watching some friends of ours, I said, “That man gets more action than anybody I’ve ever seen.” Jan said, “You call that action?” Paul died in February, last year. Jan died in March, this year. Jan wasn’t the famous one, but she sure was something. I’m still in love.